Hi there 🙂 I’m so glad you’ve found my online-happy place, I hope it will bring you joy too! 

My name is Anne [Aelise], also known as [AE.]Elizenn. You might’ve stumbled upon one of my previous websites (Aelise.nl or Elizenn.com – I’ve been doing this for a while, you see ;] ). I love creating printable prettiness and sharing my work with my fellow planner-enthusiasts ♡ I do this all for free + everything is free for ALL: No info, account, subscription or follow needed!

After letting that fact sink in – people usually ask; Why?!
Well, I know planning has -for me at least- a calming effect on my often overwhelmed brain. Everyone needs some peace of mind – and I’d like to help achieve that peace for free because it seems like the right thing to do..
Also; I have been financially challenged (as well).. in the past: I’m chronically ill & at home most of the time. Luckily my dear partner is of good health & has a well paying job – so now I can share that luck and my creativity :]

Maybe -if the situation asks for it- I’ll open a shop on the side. Just to cover for Hosting, Canva, graphics/elements/icons, etc.
For now; you can help me out by buying me a coffee on ko-fi ;] All donations go to the things I just mentioned..!

You might’ve noticed my PDF-formats have changed – I’ve chosen to make it so because it is less work posting all the old Elizenn freebies again. Plus; People have informed me you could easily edit the PDF’s – The Current PDF’s are set up to prevent that.. – Not that my pride is so big I don’t want any tweaks to my design – I’d love to be able to offer that! It’s just not legal, because of the licenses I have for certain font & element use.. – We don’t want to violate copyright! Right?

If you really are in need of a custom-design – I’m usually down for giving it a shot! That is as long as you’re polite – Thank you & Please go a long way ;] [You might not believe it, but the majority of requests I get, come in the form of flagrant demands. I will no longer reply to those[!] 

If you need a custom size of an already made freebie; be sure to mention the Freebie Number, stated in the post-Title. This way we save a lottt of time & spare us the energy & confusion (some designs like ‘dailies’, are posted more than once, for instance).

Ideas for new freebies are always welcome too, of course! 

Feel free to shoot me a message – but keep in mind I might be in a different time-zone (I’m in the Netherlands) than you are.. Responding might take a little longer because of that ;]