Freebie – PW Meal Plan

by Anne Aelise

Free printable planner inserts in Personal Wide size – Meal Planner with space for 4 Meals a day + a weekly Grocery List. Monday & Sunday start.

Personal Wide: 120 x 171 mm // 4.75 x 6.75 โ€œ


All downloads are PDFโ€™s:
PWx2 โ€“ 2 PW pages to print on A4 โ€“ with cropmarks on the front sides
PWx1 โ€“ CROP โ€“ 1 PW page per print with cropmarks on every page
PWx1 โ€“ 1 PW page per print, use this PDF when you print directly on to PW paper


I highly recommend you use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open your free downloads and print them out. Luckily thereโ€™s a free version โ€“ download it at get.adobe .com/reader. Always make sure your scale is set to 100% or โ€˜actual sizeโ€™ before hitting the printer-button!

Use the x2 PDF to print on A4 and US Letter [8.5ร—11โ€ณ] โ€“ Use the x1-CROP files to print on smaller paper or if you only need 1 page โ€“ Use the x1 without cropmarks to print directly on pre-cut paper sized for the planner you use.


All PDFโ€™s should open in a new tab after clicking the button of your choice. You can first view the PDF & then decide whether you want to download it or not.

Monday start

Sunday start

All my printables are for personal use only โ€“ please donโ€™t sell/share/claim/steal my work. โ€“ Thank you.
Of course you are welcome to share my links or tag me when featuring my creations on social media! โ™ก

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